Loose Ends, 12-5-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Federal prosecutors dropped four counts of lying to a grand jury against baseball star Barry Bonds.  Bonds reportedly said he’s really grown from this experience.  Grown via growth hormone.  [USA Today]

It’s politics as un-usual.  In keeping with the theme of “historic election,” Barack Obama raised nearly $750 million throughout the course of campaigning and even beyond the election.  That’s more than the two 2004 candidates combined.  [ABC News]

“Ninety-nine percent of Cornell Law School graduates passed on their first attempt at the New York state bar examination in July.” Who made up the remaining 1%?  Just out them.  []

Misery loves company, but apparently so does happiness.  “Knowing someone who is happy makes you 15.3% more likely to be happy yourself.” But remember, it’s only 15% likely, which means there’s still an 85% chance you’ll want to rip happy people’s goddamn faces off.  [Los Angeles Times]

OJ is getting ready to peace-out for a few years, but the problem is, “How long will he be gone?” His sentencing is today for armed robbery.  Will the Juice expire before he gets out of the clink?  [Associated Press]

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