Loose Ends, 12-8-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Using the excuse of “Art transcends politics this weekend,” Barbra Streisand showed that nothing gets in between her and an award as she shared the stage and a hug with her most-hated man, President Bush, to accept a Kennedy Center Honor.  [New York Daily News]

Boies Schiller likes it when you call them Big Papa.  Some of their bonuses will be six figures this year, and they’re installing a Cristal fountain in the firm champagne room.  [Am Law Daily]

The law firm of Crane Poole & Schmidt closes its doors tonight in a two-hour Boston Legal finale.  Which means we’ll now have to endure Shatner is the new Tyra Banks of the Biography Channel[USA Today]

You know the old saying that it’s better to let 10 guilty men go free than convict one innocent man?  Well, what if it’s more than 50,000 guilty men?  A panel of judges is meeting to determine if the overcrowding in California’s prisons is unconstitutional.  [The New York Times]

Good news!  Obama expects the economy to get even worse.  [Los Angeles Times]

The suspiciously old-looking 38-year-old David Gregory is the new moderator of Meet the Press.  You know, it’s that show you click through on Sundays when you’re trying to find pre-game football.  [Washington Post]

Here are five ways to make your office holiday party (if you are having one) a real snoozer.  What will people have to talk about if no one’s willing to snog a partner next to the punchbowl or release their inner pole dancer?  The food?  Please.  Take one for the team.  [New York Daily News]

A brief interview with a 45-year-old lawyer who moonlights as a spin-juris doctor in the house music scene begs so many more questions.  Come tell Bitter Lawyer your turntable trials and tribulations, D.J. Alan King, Esq.  [Chicago Tribune]