Loose Ends, 8-26-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Ever wonder what Harry Potter would be like if it was made into a porn flick? But without the porn? And set in India? Just ask Time Warner, who’s suing a Mumbai-based producer for copyright infringement involving the title of the upcoming “Hari Puttar—A Comedy of Terrors.” [WSJ Law Blog]

Genius/First-Year Associate at Thelen figures out how to get paid over $100K for playing video games at work. [AmLaw Daily]

Tired of raising those teenagers? Just move to Nebraska and you can drop ‘em off on the steps of a local hospital without batting an eyelash. According to Nebraska’s new “safe haven” law, no questions will be asked if the kid’s 19 or under. [HuffPost]

Dancing toddlers have more power than you think. Just ask the federal court that just upheld a mom’s claim that Universal Music Corp. acted in bad faith when it demanded that YouTube take down a 29-second video clip she posted of her 13-month-old baby jumping up and down to the sound of the Prince song “Let’s Go Crazy.” [ABA Journal]

And you thought the Spellings had family issues. [Mercury News]

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