Loose Ends, 9-10-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

What’s the purse for divorcing Greg Norman?  $128 million.  And Christmas decorations. [news.com.au]

Congratulations, Top 10 Family-Friendly Firms!  Your kids hate and resent you the least.  [Am Law Daily]

Josh Hartnett is suing the Daily Mirror for alleging he had sex in a London public library and that it was caught on tape by surveillance cameras.  However, rumors of a new celebrity sex tape have adult video companies offering big money for the footage in an effort to lure consumers back who swore off famous-people-sex watching after “The Verne Troyer Incident.” [PopEater.com]

A Massachusetts law requiring a particular fan-to-toilet ratio in large stadiums is now also being applied at smaller venues, which is hiking costs of new high school athletic facilities. Woburn Alderman Paul Denaro called enforcement of the law a “baloney decision.” Other gassy-food references Denaro considered were “this decision isn’t worth hill of beans” and “this requirement stinks like curry.” [Boston Herald]

While there’s hardly an argument as to why adults should ever wear Crocs, now there’s a lawsuit giving children a reason to avoid them as well.  [ajc.com]

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