Loose Ends, 9-11-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Rapper Kanye West was just arrested at LAX for throwing a photographer’s camera to the ground and breaking it.  That, that, that, that, that what don’t kill him.  Can only make him stronger. [TMZ.com]

Law books are heavier than iPhones.  And that’s annoying.  Amazon.com wants to lighten the literal load on law students, so it’s sitting down with publishers of traditional books to discuss digital options.  Or maybe Nintendo can just develop Wii Law School.  That would be neat.  [SeattlePI.com]

Come to think of it, why the hell is it so expensive to passive-aggressively communicate?  [PC World]

Hell hath no fury like a beard scorned.  [Associated Press]

It’s the all-American riches-to-rags story.  Raffaello Follieri, actress Ann Hathaway’s con artist former boyfriend, pled guilty to fraud, money laundering and conspiracy charges.  [People.com]

Ohio is cracking down on scrap metal thieves.  “No one expects that new state law will completely stop the thefts.  But it will give police a place to turn for information; scrap yards will be required to keep a log of who brings in metal to sell. And it will create statewide standards, stopping thieves from taking metal into towns where there are no rules.” So, wait.  You’re saying we are living in a society where there are towns that have no rules regarding scrap metal??? Welcome to the Thunderdome! Get a move on that already, Ohio.  [Forbes]

  • Alan

    Ohio’s new state motto.  “Two men enter.  One man leaves.”