Loose Ends, 9-12-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Bitter Lawyer has skeptically reviewed this article several times assuming that “lifting” must be an avant-garde legal term.  But no—it really is about a lawyer who compares his career to his award-winning fitness hobby.  [Atlanta Business Chronicle]

It’s not often that you get to read the following on Above the Law: “One almost hopes that the offending sex toy was dipped in some sort of burning napalm substance before it was used.” But it might make you think before that next big weekend in Vegas.  [Above the Law]

What’s the most effective way to tamper with a witness?  Well, murder them.  Obviously.  [The New York Times]

Are you sitting down?  Dictation is going digital.  Your life is about to change.  [Law.com]

Signs that your priest might be a drug dealer: Um, he sells you drugs.  [USA Today]

Just when you thought life as a lawyer couldn’t get more earnest, you read about an event that conducted “a legal analysis of the fake commercials shown on Saturday Night Live.” [Am Law Daily]

Say this three times fast: “Her shorts were too short for court.” Then watch this clip from WKYT 27 News about a woman sentenced to jail for being underdressed.  (Even though she wore a bra this time!  Can you believe it?) The cherry on top?  Instead of trying to keep herself out of court, her goal is to appear before new and different judges in the future.  It’s a celebration of journalism.  And justice.  [StyleList Blog]

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