Loose Ends, 9-14-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

“The married prison shrink who carried on a steamy affair with a gang-member inmate in her care finally found her conscience yesterday, weeping in court as she described her ‘pain and guilt’ before a judge spared her jail time.” Which was punishment enough considering jail would have been giving her exactly what she wants.  [New York Post]

Sitting on a celebrity sex tape that you’re thinking of selling?  Not so fast.  [Los Angeles Times]

Some say the American Bar Association threatens law schools with their accreditation if they don’t play the race card.  [The Daily News Record]

Go ahead—spam away.  It’s your God-given constitutional right.  [ZDNet.com]

Attention everyone: UNC 3L Stephen McIntyre is going to England!  And he plans to have fish and chips during his trip.  Editors from The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Associated Press are calling emergency newsroom meetings to discuss how the hell they “got scooped” and lost the exclusive to The Fayetteville Observer.  Reporters’ heads are going to roll.  We’ll keep you posted.  [The Fayetteville Observer]

A new federal law requires meat to include country-of-origin labels.  No word yet exactly where on her person Carmen Electra plans to display her “Born in the USA” sticker.  [Chicago Tribune]