Loose Ends, 9-17-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Given the country’s current financial situation, a record-breaking number of lawyers are signing up for bankruptcy CLE courses.  They’re like Lamaze classes to prepare for the birth of your bundle of economic disaster.  [MarketWatch]

What happens when satire and real life run too closely together?  You get a fake news story about a conversation that most likely really happened this week at law school-adjacent Chipotles the world over.  [RediculumBlog.com]

Gov. Palin might have become known for her lipstick at the Republican National Convention, but this GOP-loving lawyer left being known as the d-bag who got his Prada belt and earrings stolen. [Above the Law]

Being considered “down to earth” generally requires more than an ability to teach in a way that’s understandable.  Now, if Scalia had taught this class at an Irish pub over pints of Guinness, that would be a different story altogether.  [ABA Journal]

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