Loose Ends, 9-2-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Ohhhh, so it’s porn that Duchovny’s addicted to, not sex. Whew. For a while there, we were starting to think he was some kind of pervert.  [HuffPost]

What does a Harvard Law grad have in common with that guy you dated in college—you know, the one in that band, who lived with those six guys, in that two-bedroom walk-up somewhere out in Astoria? Turns out more than you think—at least when it comes to furniture.  [ABA Journal]

It’s now official: Billionaire clients aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. Just ask hot-shot L.A. lawyer Terry Christensen, who was convicted Friday of conspiring with private investigator Anthony Pellicano to wiretap billionaire Kirk Kerkorian’s ex-wife during a bitter child custody dispute.  [ABA Journal]

Attention little girls everywhere: Role model alert! Role model alert! Role model aler…oh, wait.  [NY Post]

A Nigerian man with 86 wives has been ordered to divorce all but four of them, according to local authorities.  And you thought your alimony payments were a pain in the ass.  [BBC News]

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  • LMAO

    Well there must be a God, because Terry Christensen finally got what was coming to him.  The man is a liar and his firm is an absolute snakepit, where the partners consistently abuse the associates and staff and cheat their clients.  At one point they were too cheap to invest in a billback system so they could charge phone calls to clients, so what did the geniuses do?  They divided the phone bill every month between all of their clients.  They got caught when MGM called to inquire how there could have been $400 worth of phone calls billed to them in a month where no attorney time was billed.