Loose Ends, 9-20-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Attorney Aaron Craig is “that guy” in the office.  The guy who uses the farcical trend that is the treadmill desk.  His inspiration to bill hours while walking came when his two-year-old son figured out how to activate the treadmill at home.  In an effort to spare his child from said safety hazard, he decided it needed to be removed from the house—assuming unplugging it, closing the door to the workout area or actually supervising the child were nonsensical options.  So he outfitted it with a desktop and brought it to work where his colleagues “seem to think it’s a cool idea.” Even though they don’t.  While the ATL pictures do the contraption plenty of justice, seeing it “clunk clunk along” in action is recommended.  [Above the Law]

Jokes about the economic crisis—too soon?  Hardly.  A slideshow of some of the best editorial cartoons about this week’s Wall Street disaster.  [Portfolio]

It probably slipped your mind, but Friday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  And what better way to pay homage to “the colonial era’s version of investment banking” than by listing who the 20 highest-earning pirates arrgh?  [Forbes]

Sick of staying home on Saturday nights reading Bitter Lawyer?  Take a $3,000 advance from the bonus you’re not getting this year and learn how to talk to chicks.  [Radar Online]

Be careful what you barter for.  An Illinois lawyer has been stripped of his law license for 15 months for accepting nude, private dances as partial payment from an exotic dancer he was representing “on several legal matters.” [WSJ Law Blog]