Loose Ends, 9-21-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Boston Legal begins its fifth and final season this Monday—and then it’s case closed for good.  What will omnipotent David E. Kelley do now?  [The New York Times]

$295,000.  That was the amount in punitive damages awarded to a Wisconsin prisoner who suffered zero physical effects after being forced to sleep on a moldy mattress.  Apparently killing an 11-year-old girl gets you rights to better accommodations than most frat boys.  [The Smoking Gun]

“Catherine Murdock Dewey [the oldest living graduate of the law school] will be honored Tuesday night by the New England School of Law, as both the law school and Dewey celebrate their 100th year.” Sounds like a nice event.  Let’s just keep Willard Scott away from it.  [The Patriot Ledger]

Thanks to his mantra that “he would never again need to pay for his own lunch,” one fatted federal district court judge may be the eighth in history to be removed from the bench.  And enabling lawyers are being blamed for wining and dining him to the point of incompetence.  Impressive work, boys.  [NOLA.com]

Hey, Palin—this pit bull attorney needs some lipstick pointers.  [HometownLife.com]

Holy cow!  It’s a bee-yooo-tiful time to be a lawyer in the Windy City.  [Law.com]

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