Loose Ends, 9-22-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Like a moth to a flame burned for the hundredth time.  Wham!  George Michael goes and does it again.  [TimesOnline]

Maybe all of those billable hours weren’t so bad after all.  [Law.com]

Yesterday’s tales of the old Yankees Stadium might be tugging at the hearts of sports fans here, here and here, but lawmakers are calling foul on some of the new stadium’s business practices.  [Am Law Daily]

Hey, who you calling a wife beater?  Not the Sedgwick County district attorney candidate, I hope.  He’s only had the cops arrive at his house six times since 2003 for reports of domestic violence, and he’s running political ads that specifically communicate the message that he’s not a wife beater.  In an election year, isn’t it more important then ever to be open minded?  Come on.  He was only arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery that one time, and his ex-wife is totally not exhibiting signs of abuse by blaming herself.  And the $325,000 in alleged backed taxes?  A complete misunderstanding.  Remember: Judge not and ye shall not be judged.  Let’s give him a shot.  [Kansas.com]

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