Loose Ends, 9-26-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

“They’re called boobs, Ed” is what real-life Erin Brockovich won’t be saying in a new series of TV ads.  “Brockovich, 48, has entered into an exclusive consulting agreement with the New York law firm of Weitz & Luxenberg – which specializes in asbestos-exposure lawsuits – and will be involved in bringing the firm cases, investigating claims and helping them take on polluters.” [New York Post]

Who needs vacation memos when Debbie Fetterman can mundanely report your weekend plans for you?!  [Dallas Morning News]

Soon, if you try to cut down a tree in Ecuador, it might sue you.  The tree.  Might sue you.  As a means of self-defense.  It will have rights.  No, not kidding.  It’s sort of amazing.  When might nature’s suffrage “Tree to Choose” campaigns kick off?  Unknown.  [World News on the Environmentalist]

LaBeouf is in the LaClear.  [E! Online]

Is it just me, or is the firm’s admin staff looking a little young these days?  [NJ.com]

“Expect the unexpected.” “Highly controversial.” “Turning heads.” “Force of nature.” “More than its share of stars.” “An emphasis on celebrity chefs.” Reviews for New York’s sexiest new eatery?  Think again.  They’re words to describe this year’s top 12 lawyers under 40.  Their pre-XL success even more emphasized by their faces segmented by a black grid.  [Daily Report]

I guess.  But what do you all think of these eight tips for a successful legal career?  [IBT Education]

  • Anonymous

    of course the world is still sexist.  Why else would they highlight this woman’s bazongas?

  • Feminist

    you mean julia roberts.  ps—bazongas are just bazongas.