Loose Ends, 9-28-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Paul Newman, the “cool, masculine” actor who skillfully portrayed a demon-fighting lawyer striving to do the right thing in The Verdict, died Friday at 83.  [The New York Times]

Ladies, no need to hurry out of the law profession. “In pursuit of better economics and diversity, firms have introduced such things as longer maternity leaves, on-site day care and the option of working shorter hours.  They’ve also begun promoting alternatives to the typically male attorney-client bonding sessions on the golf course, at the stadium or over brandy and cigars.  ‘Spa get-togethers, women’s poker night, wine tastings, cooking classes, antiquing outings, self-defense training,’ are ways female attorneys have put their stamp on the networking practice.” Who in the hell would choose to leave a firm to raise a family when options like “antique outings” are on the table?  [Los Angeles Times]

Giants catcher Benjamin “Bengie” Molina is far from getting Congress to bail him out of his own financial crisis.  He’s being sued by his ex-wife who claims that he used his bankers at Merrill Lynch to transfer funds to his mistress without her knowledge or consent.  Talk about a personal banker.  [TMZ]

Instead of dropping me off at my SAT prep course, my mom dropped me off at a Nebraska hospital instead.  Is that weird?  I mean, I totally feel fine.  I’m not sick at all.  [Chicago Tribune]

Reason for resignation: You’re all energy vampires.  [Washington Post]

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