Loose Ends, 9-30-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Goodnight, Sun.  After more than eight years in print, the final edition of the New York Sun rolls off the presses.  Internet killed the newsprint star.  [Gawker.com]

Chick lit full of youthful romance focused on the classically irresistible object of desire—a JD lad from New Haven.  “10:45 p.m.: While waiting for my Internet date, I get a call from Yale Law boy! We make plans to hang out Thursday after he’s done at the firm. In true lawyer fashion, he completely dominates the conversation and doesn’t allow much out of me besides a few giggles and a ‘sounds good.’” Bosoms heave.  Loins burn.  [New York Magazine]

The new owner of an apartment building in Brooklyn, NY used the stench of dead cats to try and get rent-stabilized tenants to move out.  And I know what you’re thinking—but no, there has been no evidence to suggest Joseph Petcka lent the landlord a hand on this one.  [WCBSTV.com]

A lawyer-cum-part-time judge in Italy sent her non-lawyer twin sister to fill in as a defense attorney while she simultaneously served as a judge on another case.  Too.  Many.  Sister and twin puns.  For Bitter Lawyer.  To choose.  Which one’s Mary-Kate? …. Too obvious.  Damn it!

It’s getting more difficult to really feel all that bad for the woes of Ed McMahon when the financial stability of the whole country has bottomed out.  Enough with the depressing public debt already.  [Huffington Post]

Facebook filled its highly desired position by taking Theodore Ullyot—a Washington D.C. Kirkland & Ellis partner—in-house as its new general counsel.  Welcome gifts should be routed through his (lil) Green Patch to fight global warming or with a tasteful piece on flair for his board.  [Legal Week]

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