Loose Ends, 9-5-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Scratch-off ticket buyers are sensing they might be bogus and are filing lawsuits against lottery officials.  Finally people are realizing that the scratch-and-win system is a rip off and that picking arbitrary numbers in hopes a machine full of balls will spit out those numbers is a much wiser use of money. []

A former Skadden associate founded a website dedicated to solving disagreements between owners of fantasy sports teams.  While “Marc Edelman is the guy to talk to if you have fantasy trade disputes,” he’s probably not the guy you call if you have realistic dating prospects. [The Am Law Daily]

When Barack Obama was editor of the Harvard Law Review in 1990, his peers were already referring to him as if he were a U.S. President.  [Los Angeles Times Blog]

“Young men who die suddenly after being arrested by the police may be victims of a new syndrome similar to one that kills some wild animals when they are captured.” A follow-up study is underway to compare the differences between how prisoners and pandas breed in captivity.  [Reuters]

Despite mediocre reviews, 7.7 million Americans celebrated Labor Day by boxing up their white wardrobe and tuning into the premiere of Raising the Bar, TNT’s new law drama.  That number ended up being the biggest audience ever for a new-series launch on an ad-supported cable network.  []

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