Loose Ends, 9-9-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Calling all cave dwellers!  O.J. Simpson needs 12 people who have not been influenced by his previous murder trial to serve on his new jury.  [Los Angeles Times]

Apparently Pad Thai and political office don’t pair well on the palate.  Thailand’s prime minister has been ordered to resign because he hosted a TV cooking show while in office.  [CNN]

The fever of New York Fashion Week is sweeping the country.  Just ask Morrius Bleau who was arrested by (fashion) police in Riviera Beach, FL for being in violation of the city’s new “saggy pants law.” [Sun Sentinel]

Executive Producer Steven Spielberg and the studios behind the 2007 Shai LaBeouf flick Disturbia are being sued for allegedly lifting the plotline from the same short story Alfred Hitchcock used as the basis for his 1954 classic Rear Window.  This situation sounds like a perfect extra-credit assignment for our CLE friends at Northwestern[Yahoo!]

In a related story of another author crying, “Rip off!”—a federal judge has sided with J.K. Rowling and ruled that a fan’s Lexicon book based on Rowling’s Harry Potter series cannot be published.  Phew!  Third graders the world over breath a collective sigh of relief.  [Deadline Hollywood Daily]

Libel suits against bloggers are a growing trend. No comment.  [Boston.com]

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