Lose Your Dime Bag? Check the Lost and Found.

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Now that marijuana is legal, Seattle bus drivers have been instructed to put any small amounts of marijuana they find left on the bus in the lost-and-found box. Of course we can expect them to treat mislaid marijuana as they would any other lost property. Surely they’ll dutifully place any schwag weed they find with all the aviator sunglasses left over from 2006.

Assuming you aren’t able to recover that fine bud that fell from your bag, you can rest easy knowing your sacrifice will brighten the day of every person on that bus, which will now run on an emissions free combination of positive vibes and Peter Tosh music.

The really important outcome here is that now all those Dave Mathews listening, fist pumping, former frat boys will finally have a reason to pay attention in property class. Knowing the difference between lost, mislaid, or abandoned property will be a little more important when fighting over some misplaced hashish.

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