Punching the Clown (Part 2): LIVING the DREAM, Webisode 10 (SEASON FINALE)

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Well, that’s it for Season One. Thanks for all your support and “constructive criticism” along the way.

We plan to begin production of Season Two in 2009. The thought of ending the series on Nick pathetically “self-gratifying” all alone in his office just seemed too depressing. Even for a law firm comedy. Besides, there are just too many funny, inane, dark BigLaw stories yet to tell. And it’s fun.

Though Nick will have more experience under his belt this time around, his life at Sullivan & Moore will be as stressful and hectic as ever, given the global economic meltdown and the firm’s plans to eliminate 10% of its workforce. The good news, however, is that Nick will finally meet a woman! And yes, she will be hot—and yes, he will most likely have some form of sexual interaction with her. But as many of you know, intra-firm romances are rife with complications. Nick’s will be no exception, I promise.

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  • Cath

    Glad to hear that you will be continuing the series – I love it—sorry this last episode was so short though.  Make them longer!

  • Bill Dugan

    Good episode, but try and get some sexual action for this poor schmuck.  Certainly there must be pretty girls interested in a big-time lawyer like him.

  • Anonymous

    What about Nick deciding to take a foray outside of the law?  I think that maybe he could get a job in a Canddian Salmon cannery.  Once he’s there, and gets to know the smell of bad fish, that could cool his sexual jets. Nothing else has worked to date, and I think that would.

  • Art

    I want more of these webisodes! Daily!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, so you are deleting all of the negative comments now? Last week I read comments complaining about this episode…now they are gone…nice blog.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure there are plenty of negative comments are on webisode thing, not here.  So rush over there, read them and feel good about yourself.  Dork.

  • Bitterer

    I agree 1000% – stop deleting comments.

  • DantheMan

    Living the Dream ROCKS!

  • Yebot

    I’d like to buy a living the dream season 1 dvd or digital download if possible.

  • Rocco

    When is Season 2 starting?

  • Gina

    Now I know how a junkie (or Charlie Sheen) feels! Without new webisodes of LTD, I feel itchy all over, clammy, sweaty, one minute hot, the next cold, I’m incoherent and rambling. I feel like I want to hurt somebody! I’ve watched them all, over and over and feeling every minute of Nick’s pain! I need my fix Rick man!!!

  • Quadoz