Typo: LIVING the DREAM, Webisode 3

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For the most part, associates have no real effect on the outcome of a deal or a case—or anything of real consequence, for that matter. The one place we can really shine—or really fail—is proofreading. When I was at Skadden, I remember hearing that a well-regarded senior associate was passed over for partner three years in a row because he distributed a merger agreement with a “significant typo” in it. Not sure if it’s true, but sure seems possible. And that’s the thing about big firms, one little screw up, and you’re dead. On the other hand, if you actually find a typo or two, and your boss (who in this episode is played by the talented Michael B. Silver) is in a good mood, you’re suddenly a hero.

One associate I worked with years ago loved to brag that he was the firm’s best typo-hunter and would challenge me to typo-bets. Needless to say he won every single time. PS—He’s a partner now.

This episode is simply a riff on the ridiculous ways young lawyers earn their reputation and become “superstars.” The tiniest things get blown out of proportion. Finding a stupid typo—something that has no real significance—can turn a regular associate into a legend. The worst part is, as an associate, you actually sort of believe it. You actually feel like a rock star for finding a goddamn typo. Which is fine, I guess, as long as you don’t have a date that night with a cute “civilian” who doesn’t quite understand the whole typo/street-cred thing.

Again, when you’re billing 2400 hours a year and proofing documents with a zeal typically reserved for curing fatal diseases, it’s tough to relate to regular people—and it’s even tougher for them to relate to you. At least that was my experience. And now it’s Nick’s too.

Interesting tidbit: Nick’s (John T. Woods) cute blind date is played by Jen Lyon, a semi-finalist on Survivor: Palau.

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  • Greeny

    These episodes are basically the greatest thing ever.  I remember how jealous I was when I was stuck doing 3 weeks of doc review for an upcoming trial, and I did not find one thing of real significance, and the guy next to me found something juicy.  He truly was a temporary super star.  I looked inept.

  • Justin

    Thank you for literally capturing my life.  As a second tier law school graduate who has worked on my fair share of DD… this makes me feel human again.
    Ok back to the grind… I can feel a type coming up and my boss is going to love me.

  • Ken

    Justin: “I can feel a type coming up and my boss is going to love me.”
    You can “feel a type coming up”?  Ummm, yeah … That IS one, Bro: I think you mean, “typo.”

  • Brett

    Unless “type” is a cool “in crowd” term for typo.

  • justin

    i failed… yay type=typo

  • anon

    this makes me want to drop out of law school immediately …

  • Good For You!

    This was a great sketch.
    Just remember, your occupation will never trump the amount of ‘game’ you have with women.
    Either you got it or you dont.
    I mean, there are mechanics who get more dates than bigtime lawyers.
    Truth hurts.

  • LR

    Probably my fav episode. Thanks for the laughs during my study break.

  • Gina

    LOVE LOVE LOVE “Livin the Dream”! It should be on t.v., with all the same actors and it would be #1. All the so-called legal shows on t.v. right now are so lame (Boston Legal was the only saving grace until it got cancelled). Lawyers, law students and other legal support staff NEED this kind of show. I am a lawyer admitted in another country and have been working in L.A. in firms of all sizes in different positions, and I’d love to be able to contribute some storylines or concepts for future webisodes of LTD. If Mr. Eid reads this message, please contact me via email to discuss. You would be making my dream of being a writer/comic come true!