Rope: LIVING the DREAM, Webisode 7

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Years ago, my friend and I were working at a local health club when we spotted a legendary athlete lifting weights. He was first-ballot Hall of Famer—and apparently, according to my friend, a man with a legendary rope. Not sure who told him this, but he claimed it was common knowledge. This guy was allegedly part of the all-celebrity big-johnson team. Right up there with Milton Berle and Tommy Lee.

Later that day, my friend—who, for the record, is straight—was in the locker room, when Endowed Superstar appeared. Naked. Unable to control his active mind and relentless curiosity, he followed the legend. And when the opportunity presented itself, he stole a quick glimpse—and got caught. Endowed Superstar saw my friend staring and shot him a nasty “What the hell are you looking at, bitch?!” look. Embarrassed, my friend got dressed as fast as he could and got the hell out of there.

Men are curious when it comes to “huge ropes.” You don’t really think about it (or most men don’t, anyway), unless someone happens to plant the seed in your mind—and you happen to have a perfect opportunity to confirm or disprove the myth for yourself. That’s what happens in this bathroom scene. Nick not caring about Keller’s johnson in the first scene, but then obsessed with it in the next. If Quinn hadn’t said anything about Keller’s size, Nick never would have thought about it. Not in a million years. But Quinn planted the devil seed . . . . and Nick couldn’t help but succumb to his sordid curiosity.

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  • Peter Gibbons

    WTF?!  Guys don’t do this!  I guess times have changed.  Maybe that’s why the LA Coliseum and Dodger Stadium are the few stadiums left with some trough-like urinals.  What happened to the good ‘ol days when guys could pee side by side or under the bleachers?  These guys are weird.  Disturbing.

  • JoeInLA

    You’re pretty clueless about a lot of things, aren’t you Peter?  Guys (straight ones, that is) have been checking each other’s equipment out since the Stone Age (ask any guy who’s hung).  Of course, there’s no reason to sneak a peek at someone who’s hung like a mouse, so if no one’s been casting sideways glances at you in the locker room, you have my sympathies.