Man Arrested for "Riding Horse Under the Influence"

Doug Stephan Lawyer, News & Views Leave a Comment

A man was arrested for a DUI on a horse. Police found Danny Reynolds stumbling after deputies told him to come down off his horse. Police found rolling papers, marijuana, several beers and a mason jar full of moonshine in his saddle bag. Reynolds claimed he has diabetes and that was the reason for his light-headedness and stumbling. Police arrested Reynolds for a DUI after his blood alcohol content was two times over the legal limit. The only question (well, one of many): Can you name that state?

Survey says: Kentucky! Man, this story screams Kentucky. Horse DUIs with Moonshine in mason jars; that is as Kentucky as . . . well, horses and mason jars full of moonshine. Real talk though: wasn’t the horse driving? That is like giving a designated driver a DUI because his passengers are drunk. Unless the horse was slamming hooch to the horse face I don’t really see why it matters if Danny Reynolds was drunk and high at his son’s birthday party. That is just Kentucky being Kentucky.

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