Man Flees from Police: Runs Into Police Station (We can't all be winners)

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Fox 2 Now in St. Louis gave us this gem of a story. Police pulled over Joseph Meacham in Clayton, Missouri when he ran a red light. Meacham was not going to give up easily, or so he thought.

Once police pulled Meacham over, the suspect jumped out of his vehicle and started running away, apparently looking for a place to hide. Unfortunately, he made it a bit too easy on the police by running directly into a police station. Not only that, but he attempted to find refuge in the Chief of Police’s office before realizing his mistake. (Or, more accurately, one of his mistakes in what we are sure is a lifetime of poor decisions). He had even passed some pretty large indicators that he was in a police station, including a giant sign that said “Chief of Police” under which he ran.

Police indicated that he smelled like alcohol… obviously. But While the police might consider this a freebie, we really have the city planners to thank for such a well placed municipal building. They are the real heroes here.

Mr. Meacham was issued a summons and released on his own recognizance. Clearly, he isn’t much of a flight risk. Even if he tried to abscond, he’d probably end up trying to by his plane ticket at the Missouri Circuit Court.

(photo: Cartoon of a policeman scaring away a burglar from Shutterstock)

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