Man Goes to Courthouse to Defend DUI Charge. Drunk.

Doug Stephan Lawyer, News & Views 2 Comments

An Indiana man showed up to dispute a drunken-driving charge while intoxicated. Michael D. Schroyer, 48, allegedly was stumbling in the courthouse when officers asked if he had been drinking. Schroyer responded, “Hell, yeah. I drink every day.” The Ellsworth man then struggled with officers as they attempted to take his car keys before he could leave the parking lot. During the struggle, Schroyer was pushed to the ground and suffered facial injuries.

Schroyer refused to take a breathlyzer stating, “The last time I did that they told me I had so much alcohol in my blood that I should have been dead. I think the machine was wrong. That’s why I’m here today. I am going to fight it. I got a hell of a tolerance, I guess.” According to the police report, Schroyer’s previous BAC was 0.336, more than four times the legal limit.

Have a day Michael D. Schroyer. Have a day. I honestly don’t even know if a 0.336 BAC is possible, but, nonetheless, most people would wake up the next day vowing life changes. Take some time to really look in the mirror and tell yourself you are never drinking again and actually mean it. Not Michael D. Schroyer. Not only does he still drink (See e.g., Best Quote Ever: “Hell, yeah. I drink every day.”) but he doubles down and shows up hammered to court. With regard to the new charges, I suppose Schroyer stated “I’ll have another,” as he was charged with another DUI, aggravated battery of a police officer and resisting arrest.

P.S. What is the thought process when you get pulled over while having a 0.336 BAC? If I pass a cop car after having a drink within 24 hours, I am eating a container of Tic-Tacs and putting more pieces of Fruit Stripe gum in my mouth than Yipes can even believe. Crushing up Altoids and rubbing them on my gums like I’m Tyrone Biggums. This guy was FOUR times the legal limit and he has the audacity to challenge being drunk. Hell of a tolerance indeed Mr. Schoroyer.


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  • Derek

    Quoth a fellow in court on a DUI once: “Judge, I have a drinking problem.”

    Quoth the judge: “I can tell.”

    He had shown up drunk, like this fellow, but thankfully did not start it up with security. He was wearing a Bud-Light T shirt though, and I believe a ball cap advertising a local rum.

  • Gretchen Bosacker

    Sad story. This gentleman is truly addicted. As a physician who has seen and treated so many patients with addiction, I understand the craziness of it and how what is completely illogical to the world can seem like common sense to an addict. It’s incredible. If this man were to get sober, he risks seizure and death. Even in a hospital, full-blown delirium tremendous has a 15% mortality. Bad stuff. It’s not a popular opinion, but I think allowing the people who suffer from addiction to do so is an American right. We can educate and offer treatment, but if the disease is severe, they can choose to live with it. (We don’t force heart disease patients out of the fish fry.) We should, however, be much tougher on their role in society. All cars need ignition locks, especially those used by addicts. Social program restrictions? I’ll let the activists fight that one out. And God bless you attorneys for dealing with these people, their illness and their families when it all hits the fan.