Man Who Admitted to Shooting Prostitute Found Not Guilty By Reason of Texas

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According to CNN, Ezekiel Gilbert brought a gun with him when he hired a prostitute on Christmas Eve 2009. The transaction soured and the woman refused to return the money or have sex with him. He shot her in the neck and she died months later of her wounds. There is no question regarding the events of that evening. Gilbert admitted to his actions. His defense? Not that it was self-defense, nor protection of others. He relied on an archaic Texas law that allows for the use of deadly force if someone attempts to steal from you at night.

This isn’t a case where someone was standing their ground when attacked. Gilbert’s life wasn’t in danger. His $150.00 might have walked away, but isn’t that what police are for? We are assuming he was too ashamed that he had solicited a prostitute, so he figured he’d attempt some Wild West justice.

The real question is, how is it that the Texecution state turns a blind eye to an admitted murder simply because he happened to shoot this woman at night?

This is a state that has executed nearly 500 people since 1982. Some of those people may even have been innocent of the murders that they were executed for. A state that only a few days prior had sentenced a man to “50 years in prison for stealing a rack of ribs.”

Gilbert claims he didn’t intend to kill the woman. Maybe he didn’t. But he purposefully put a bullet in her neck. Now he’s a free man in a state where apparently a murder at night is forgivable, as long as she stole your lunch money. Where the difference between protecting life and property is indistinguishable. Where the sanctity of life has the legal equivalence to the sanctity of the wallet.

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