Marty Feldman: FIU Law Grad and Doc Review Lifer

Meet Feldman. An FIU College of Law grad, he’s a document review lifer who’s been at it for decades, experiencing all the ups and downs of the doc review business—and seemingly always unhappy about it.

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About Feldman

Marty Feldman represents the sadness of being stuck in a document review room. When I look around and see the gunners, I feel that they are getting their just desserts for being such a-holes. And when I see the other dreamers, I share their hope that these document review projects will be short term. But when I see guys like Feldman just eking out an existence down there and seemingly accepting his fate, it just makes me depressed.

Don’t get me wrong—some of the lifers seem truly content with their jobs. But for the most part the ones I’ve encountered had their share of ups and downs, not just in law, but in life, and don’t seem too happy about being stuck down in doc review. Feldman is an amalgam of middle-aged men and women I actually met that have lived in their cars, spent years on unemployment, lost their life savings, and are quick to tell you about the “good old days.” Feldman’s not quite as bitter about his life as, say, “Locker”—who you will meet soon—but he certainly holds on to some of the anger. Mostly, Feldman is the woe in the room.

The actor who plays Feldman is comedian Robert Rothstein. I watched a clip of him at the Just for Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival a few years ago and immediately knew he would be right for the part. In his own life as a comic, he’s had his share of ups and downs. I’m glad he joined the Bottom Rung because I think people will really appreciate the rapport between him and Locker throughout the season.

True story: when Robert found out you don’t need a JD to do some of these document reviews, he asked if I could put him in touch with a recruiter. I didn’t know if he was kidding or not. Also, he’s a bit of a method actor. When he delivered the line about killing himself, he did a version where he pulled out some random prescription meds and swallowed them on camera. We were all a bit freaked out. I still don’t know what those pills were.

  • Guano Dubango

    I was told there were attractive women doing document review. If true, it cannot therefore be all bad, but I have yet to see one in our building. Has anyone spotted any law beauties?

  • Miserable associate

    I think I saw this guy on a document review I did, he only did like 25 docs per hour and then they fired him.

  • tara

    Oh man this guy makes me sad. Meh, not as sad as that lady who runs the kennel-doc review.

  • FL Law Student

    FIU’s law school only opened in 2002….