Maybe if It Had Been 50K…

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The legal biz is abuzz with reports that Angela Robinson, a former paralegal for heavy-hitting Texas plaintiffs’ lawyer Richard Laminack, is accusing him of not only being a “sexual predator,” but also of dabbling in federal mail fraud. Robinson alleges that that Laminack once offered her $15,000 to “stay with him in a hotel room in Las Vegas over a weekend,” and then followed up by suggesting she “perform a sexual act on an expert witness to improve his mood and testimony.” Oh, and she claims he also told her about a scheme to defraud thousands of fen-phen litigation clients, but “told her to be quiet and not inform anyone of this.”

Paralegals nationwide have been careful not to pass judgment on the merits of the case until all the facts are revealed. That said, they have gingerly pointed out to Laminack that, typically, you can’t ask a paralegal to blow one of your witnesses after asking her to be your weekend hooker in Vegas and then ask her to help you commit fraud on top of it.  Pick one and you may have a shot, but all three will only lead to trouble.  Sure, an actual associate might—might—be up to the task, but a paralegal’s a definite no-go. They just don’t get paid enough to put up with that. [Texas Lawyer via]

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