Jared Leto: Maybe Just Stick to Guitar Hero Next Time

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Oh, actors and their sort-of-bands—can they ever really do any harm? Turns out, if you’re Virgin Records/EMI and the band in question is headed by doll-face actor Jared Leto, then, yes. Leto’s vanity-project-cum-band, 30 Seconds to Mars, apparently signed a five-record deal with Virgin/EMI back in 1999—but funnily enough, the band has only come out with two records so far, the last one way back in 2005. Remarkably, the label is a little peeved about the pace and has recently filed suit against the band for breach of contract, seeking damages “in excess of $30 million.”

Leto and his bandmates, though, are fighting back, claiming that you can’t be legally bound to a contract for more than seven years under California law. This appears to be a law that Virgin is unfamiliar with, however, because a spokesperson for the label has recently explained, “We hope to resolve these matters amicably and put them behind us so we can continue working in partnership with the band to take them to even greater levels of success.” Which would involve, we can only presume, having someone aside from the band’s label knowing who the hell they are.  [Radar Online]

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