• Ellen

    These are suposed to be funny? I do NOT think so. FOOEY!

    • kimc

      Not all humor is funny. Some of it is ironic.

  • Ella

    @Ellen: Why do you keep commenting on these? Lighten up.

    • Ellen

      I coment b/c I have something to say, and my FATHER always told me that I should speak up when I have something to say. If your trying to say I should not coment, then FOOEY on you! You can have an opinion to, and I do NOT tell you not to coment! Fooey!

  • http://dallasbankruptcy.com Bret Thurman

    A man goes to see a lawyer about a legal problem. He’s heard that lawyers are sharks who are just interested in money, and he’s determined not to let the lawyer take advantage of him.

    After a pleasant greeting, the man asks “What’s your consultation fee in a case like this?”

    “It’s $1,000 for three questions,” the lawyer replies.

    “1,0000? Are you serious? Don’t you think that’s a lot of money for three measley questions?”

    “Yes, it sure is. What’s your third question?”