Motion Caption Typo or Curse?

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The photo below of a pleading was obtained by one of our Bitter Correspondents out there in the field, i.e., a reader. Is it a typo or a curse? You tell us.

UPDATE: Our research staff has been working hard all morning to uncover the details behind this lawsuit and whether it is a typo or a real name. While they haven’t been able to answer that question, they are certain that, given the evidence against him, the defendant will not be getting off.

[Editor’s Note: We apologize for the tasteless joke, but we are bound by the Uniform Rules of Legal Comicality to make such joke when reporting on any subject related, directly or indirectly, to “blueballs”.]

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  • Hank

    Poor guy has not been getting any females to service him and now he’s a defendant in a law suit? What is the issue here? What did the poor schmuck do? That is the relevant issue.

    I think if guys get regular sex (assuming there are females worthy enough to sleep with), they’d be busy banging the women rather than getting into trouble and becoming defendants in law suits.

    Females take note and if you don’t want your man being sued and potentially having him lose his nest egg or his liberty, service him!!!!