The MPRE Experience and Why Zac is Trying Out For Moot Court

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Law students look forward to summer because it is a time when you can get away from studying, taking exams, and watching those supplemental videos. The MPRE ruined a few weeks of the vacation, but luckily it is now over and its time to party again!

On this episode of Mr. Law School, we talk about the MPRE experience and speak with law student Zac. Zac tells us why he is currently trying out for the moot court team—its not because he wants to better his lawyering skills. The only reason is he thinks it will help him get chicks.

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  • Guano Dubango

    Way to go, My Man, Mr. Law school and the new guy! But now I understand, but it may be too late for me. I did not get a JD in this country, but only came here for an LLM.

    As a result, there never was any Moot court experience for me, so I never got to show off in front of the hot 1L chicks and they never ripped their clothes off for me the way they must for these two men in Moot Court.

    Is there any eligible, attractive nubile and fertile law school women who will want to do the same for me even though I only have an LLM and want to take such woman to return to my homeland and meet my Aunt Ooona?

    If there are such women, please to step up to the plate, as you Americans say. I do not want any head cases, and no Dentata’s and No Transexuals either. Just attractive, fertile nubile women.

    thank you. And way to go, my man, Mr. Sam E. Law School! Keep these video’s coming!

  • Lou


    Most of the “chicks” that go to law school these days are really very scrawny hens that no self-respecting rooster would ever be truly interested in poking.