The MPRE Results Are Back

The MPRE results are back, and I’m happy to say I passed. You would think a law student would be thrilled at this news, but I’m not. After talking to my law school compadres I realized I was the only one who actually hardcore studied for this test. The rest of my friends glanced at the ethics book for a day and passed.

  • Ellen

    Why are so many women at my law firm going crazy for this guy?

    • Michelle Beth

      Hi Ellen, It’s been a while. How was your shrimping?

  • Guano Dubango

    I would like to welcome Ellen to this Blog. She I understand is very pretty.

    • Evil Lawyer

      Its not Ellen: there are no typos and no ALL CAP words in what she wrote. The sentence does not refer to men lusting after her body, her father’s advice to be a lawyer or how terrible men are. I guess she might be sober for once….