Network During Summers Off From Law School

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It is summer time! Besides heading to the beach, looking for chicks, partying, beaching it up, and boozing, you should be networking. Networking key to having a successful legal career. Summer is the perfect time to start setting up your future client roster, so don’t party too hard!

This is a brand-spanking-new episode of Mr. Law School about how he is networking his way into the entertainment industry.

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  • Quadoz

    No more. This guy is terrible.
    We want Living the Dream back!

    • Virginia Dentata

      We keep saying this guy sucks every week, yet they keep bringing him back! Are you trying to alienate your rapidly dwindling audience?

      • Sam Glover

        Perhaps Mr. Law School’s appeal is too subtle for you?

        • Virginia Dentata

          What appeal? The guy is an inarticulate, misogynistic troll…his continued presence here reeks of desperation for content of any stripe.

          • Guano Dubango

            I am not sure about this person. There is someone who wrote about a female with teeth in her privates. I would be very careful before going into a bed with a woman with teeth in her privates.

  • Quadoz

    P-Nut…you’re bringing me down here. I should bring a camera along during my midnight gig and video tape some ‘street attorneys’. These are the various crack addicts and drunks I deal with on the street every night that think they know the law. Usually…it is very entertaining.

    City Cop by Midnight, Rookie Lawyer by Day

  • Guano Dubango

    I like this dude. People seem to dislike him because, I believe, they do not have his extroversion.

    This man is like me. Misunderstood, but not afraid to get out there and look to be loved.

    Keep this program. The dude deserves a chance. I see myself in this guy.

  • Mean Partner

    I want to hear more Matthew Richardson as he bumbles, shuffles and squeeks thru his career–or his recollections of his career.

    Are partners more imperious than before because of the economy? Do they expect you to stand while they sit? Do they schedule meetings with you and then, when they are still on the phone, gesture for you to bring coffee for them before the meeting starts?

    Are they hitting on young women in the firm with gretaer boldness now? Is it safer for me to do that now than a year ago?

    And from LF10- if she still writes more than once a year–is it easy to date at firm’s now or are lawyers more cautious and afraid for their jobs? What do women her age (whatever it is–what is it?) think is the tipping point where you start as a woman to LOSE appeal?

    Are there no salicious stories on law firm life now? What are YOUNGER women doing in the firm?

    Is she considered an “older” woman in the firm now? What is that like? Do you feel compelled to diet more or dress better than when you were…..younger?

    Do the women at your firm who are older, heavier and haggard looking seem more…dispensible than they did a year ago? Are partners leering openly at women again or still pretending they don’t notice as they were in 2007? Are you worried about finding someone with enough money to let you quit work?

    Would you vote for Obama again? Are there more Obama supporters in your firm or GOP partners?

    When you tell people at a bar that you’re a lawyer are the men interested or turned off? Are you still old enough to go to bars? Or do you feel the 20ish crowd is pushing you out? If it is, do older men (like mean partners) look better or worse now?

    Does Guano Dubango sound better or worse? (he soudns the same to me)

  • P-Nut

    Sorry Quadoz, Living the Dream will not be having any new episodes.

    When the new owners took over, they may have bought the URL, a pile of content, the contact information for old columnists, and the right to use the pseudonyms of anyone they couldn’t get back on board.

    What they didn’t buy was the ability to make new episodes. Even if they had the right to produce new episodes under the LTD name (doubtful Rick Eid would give them that though), they don’t have the writing talent on board, directors, film guys, sound guys, editing, or any of the other stuff that goes in to a professional quality video.

    Basically, what they bought was the right to capitalize on the residual traffic brought in by existing content. Some of the new stuff is good (especially Namby and Big Legal Brain), but they’re mostly just riding on the coattails of the people involved before they bought the place.