Ed McMahon: Next Time, Get a Retainer

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Just when your feelings about Ed McMahon couldn’t get any more confusing, the media is reporting that two New York law firms have brought suit against the former late-night sidekick for over a quarter of a million bucks he allegedly owes them for handling his daughter’s divorce. This news rounds out a generally unpleasant quarter for McMahon, who recently admitted he’s facing foreclosure on his $6.25 million Beverly Hills home and and owes American Express almost $750,000.

While legal experts following the story have noted that you can’t fault a law firm for being excited about representing a man who no doubt raked in millions and millions after years of sitting beside a late-night legend and hawking magazine subscriptions on TV, they have nonetheless reminded billing partners everywhere that such circumstances are still no excuse for deviating from the cardinal rule of dealing with celebrities in legal distress: for the love of god, get a retainer.  [NY Daily News]

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