Next Time, Try a Ski Mask

In reports that should give Christian Bale comfort that he’s not the only guy recently brought up on charges related to Dark Knight activities, authorities are disclosing that a 20-year-old Michigan man, Spencer Taylor, was charged earlier this week with larceny and destruction of property when he allegedly tried to steal Batman posters and other memorabilia from a local movie theater. As his mugshot shows, at the time of his arrest Taylor was decked out in a full “Joker” costume, complete with face paint and purple suit.

Local criminologists have commented that Taylor’s attempted heist may have been more successful had he simply followed the two cardinal rules of larceny: (1) when attempting to steal something, be sure to wear some sort of costume; and (2) notwithstanding the foregoing, consider rejecting any costume that involves bright white face paint and/or makes you look like a deranged version of the guy on the poster that you’re actually trying to steal. Just a thought. [Smoking Gun]