Nine Bitter Details on Eliot Spitzer

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Nine Bitter Details on Eliot Spitzer:

We thought we had heard the last of Eliot Spitzer earlier this month when departing U.S. Attorney Michael J. Garcia told The New York Times why he declined to bring charges against the former New York governor in the infamous prostitution case. But then Ashley Dupré, the girl who allegedly had an encounter with Client 9, broke her silence, telling 20/20 and People Magazine that she’s a “normal girl.”

We’ll let the “normal girl” claim slide since we don’t have any actual knowledge of high-class prostitutes here (we swear). But we do know quite a bit about lawyers, and Spitzer was no ordinary lawyer, which is why we put together Client 9’s most bitter details.

1.  Client 9 was a BigLaw veteran

Having spent two years at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison after earning his JD from Harvard Law, he also spent two years at Skadden after working for the Manhattan DA’s office.  And that’s quite a bio, but we’d probably file the sex scandal thing under “community outreach” in the activities/hobbies section of Spitzer’s new resume.

2.  Client 9 is wicked smart

He reportedly scored a perfect 180 on his LSAT and 1590 (out of 1600) on his SAT.  Nobody’s perfect all the time.

3.  Client 9 worked on Claus von Bulow’s appeal

While attending Harvard Law School, Client 9 was one of several students who worked for Professor Alan Dershowitz on Claus von Bulow’s appeal. Von Bulow’s conviction for attempting to murder his socialite wife was overturned, and Dershowitz later told Time Magazine that Spitzer “always wants to do what’s right.” Talk about a reversal of fortune.

4.  Client 9 helped end the Gambino crime family

The Gambinos lost their stranglehold on New York City’s garment and trucking industries.  How did he get the evidence he needed after numerous attempts at planting wire taps were snuffed out? Spitzer came up with the idea of opening a sweatshop and letting the mob come to him. Unfortunately, the investigation took longer than expected, which put the Manhattan DA’s office in the awkward position of running an unprofitable sweatshop for several months.  Good thing Spitzer wasn’t trying to take down a mob prostitution ring. That investigation may never have ended.

5.  Ashley Dupré says she didn’t know that Client 9 was NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer

What Dupré did know about Spitzer was that he was “polite” and “strictly business.” Way to keep it classy, Spitz.

6.  There are several Facebook groups that pay tribute to Client 9

Such group include “Elliot Spitzer can be my Pimp,” “C’mon Spitzer, keep it in your pants!” and “Prostitutes for Governor Eliot Spitzer.” And just because your law career went down in flames doesn’t mean we won’t accept your Facebook request to join our group, Eliot.  Don’t be a stranger.

7.  Client 9 used the alias George Fox

Spitzer was George Fox when he checked into room 871 of the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC.  But that wasn’t the first (and probably not the last) sex scandal to take place at the Mayflower.  It played host to Monica Lewinsky when her affair with President Bill Clinton was making headlines.  So, um.  Maybe the DC vice squad should setup a permanent stakeout at the Mayflower.  Just an idea.

8.  Client 9 wasn’t the only high-profile man caught in the Emperor’s Club sex ring

Britain’s Duke of Westminster was alleged to be Client 6.  But since when are the Brits allowed to screw around in the U.S.?  Doesn’t anyone respect the Monroe Doctrine anymore?

9.  According to reports, Client 9 spent up to $80,000 on prostitutes

But those same reports also point out that the prostitutes made as much as $31,000 per day.  It looks like BigLaw salaries and bonus have nothing on the Emperor’s Club compensation plan.

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  • Al Dickman

    I saw the TV show.  It just oes to show that no matter how smart you are, where you went to law school, and what you’ve done in life, when you look like him, you will still have to pay a lot of money for sex; and in this case, to a chick who really ain’t that hot!  I really don’t want to see what she looks like when she’s 45!  Yuck!

  • Hef

    love the george fox/mayflower hotel thing—good ol’ american history