Christian Bale: No Cage for This Batman

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Weeks after being accused by his sister and 61-year-old mother, a former circus clown, of roughing them up in a London hotel on the eve of the “Dark Knight“‘s European premiere, British police are reporting that Christian Bale will not be charged with any crime. This is after police had originally “delayed questioning Bale for a day to avoid disrupting the opening of the box-office blockbuster,” explaining that “it would have been wrong to wreck the premiere over a complaint which we do not yet know is founded in truth.”

According to reports, Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service “ordered police not to take any further action, saying there was insufficient evidence to make a conviction realistic”—making sure to add, however, that the Service “treats domestic incidents seriously.”

Confusion still remains as to what sort of “domestic incident” British prosecutors would consider worthy of such “serious” treatment, but at least we can all now rest safe in the knowledge that beating up your sister and an old circus clown in your hotel room won’t net you much more in the UK than a pat on the back and some autograph requests from a couple of Bobbies. Cheers!  [HuffPo]

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