No Happy Endings Here

Looking for a new “SeXXXercise” class to tone your abs? Don’t look in Pennsylvania. A woman, Stephanie Babines, is suing Adams Township, Pennsylvania for refusing to allow her to open a dance and fitness studio that features pole-dancing, power lap dance, strip tease, and, of course, “SeXXXercise” classes on the grounds it’s a sexually oriented business.

Babines explains in her lawsuit that the classes at her studio, Oh My You’re Gorgeous, are taught and performed fully clothed and no spectators are allowed. “My classes are a specially designed exercise for women that allows them to have fun, feel confident about their bodies and express their sexuality,” Ms. Babines noted to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “This is not a strip joint or gentleman’s club. This is a dance and fitness studio just like hundreds of others that have recently opened around the country, including here in the Pittsburgh area.”

It remains unclear why exactly Babines’s permit was turned down, but a spokesperson for Adams Township has indicated, “We have too many legitimate businesses around here seeking permits. Good, honest businesses like liquor stores and gun shops.  To accept Miss Babines’ application would, in effect, deny one of these honest operations a permit for their business.  That’s a risk we couldn’t take.” [WSJ Law Blog]

  • DJ

    Sounds more like a training ground for prostitutes than a dance studio. Maybe she should see if there’s some kind of diploma she can give to those who successfully complete her program.

  • Al Dickman

    I disagree.  All this woman is doing is to provide some training to the local women so that they can go home and spice up their own personal sex lives.  This is purely private stuff; not the stuff the town should care about.  The town is not the Stepford Wives, but it could use a little sexing up.