No Hookers Here

Sick of all those crack whores tearing up your neighborhood? Well, you’re not alone. Apparently fed up with the influx of prostitutes and drug dealers hawking their wares day and night outside their home, a couple in Flint, Michigan has posted a cardboard sign (pictured above) declaring their neighborhood a “No Ho Zone.”

Sherrie Lynn and Russ Palmer posted the sign outside their house “after watching drug dealers and prostitutes doing business on the street and finding hypodermic needles and condoms left in their yard.” Sherrie Lynn, “a budding artist,” made the sign, which features drawings of eyes watching the street and a dog chasing a prostitute, after her husband “got the idea…after seeing a report on the ozone level.”

It remains unclear whether the sign has, in fact, deterred any prostitutes, although the Palmers claim that since the sign went up in May, “there has been less activity on the streets,” noting further, “The area’s coming up to what we want. We’re just waiting it out.”

While real estate experts have not agreed on exactly how long that wait may be, they have commended the Palmers for stumbling upon that long-held and little-known secret of real estate developers and city planners worldwide: Nothing ups your property value like a handwritten cardboard sign hung outside your house with “No Ho Zone” scrawled above a picture of a stray dog chasing a hooker.  Well played.  [MLive]