• Guano Dubango

    I think the jury is out on this. I need to evaluate another episode. I am not clear on having this talking head talking to me on topics I can read about myself. She makes much use of her hands, which is not that interesting to me.

  • chris

    Well done Ms. Cohen!

  • Ellen

    I am alot PRETTYER then her! FOOEY! Then, I should be on TV to, FOOEY!

  • Guano Dubango

    I have a mobile app for my I-phone on which I have loaded “nakednews.com”. My version has the women clothed, rather than naked, which costs money. Perhaps this person could wear a bikini like the women on my i-phone app when she tells us the news. This way, we would not have to focus on her hands, as I noted above.

  • Jeff

    Her looks and law degree aren’t nearly enough to make this the least bit interesting, perhaps adding just a bit of humor would spice up the show