OJ Simpson Trial: Where Are They Now?

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In the history of celebrity justice, no man has helped launch more careers, ruin more reputations and made such a mockery of California courts than Orenthal James Simpson. Now that a Nevada judge has finally sentenced Simpson and put the juice in the can, we decided to check in on some of our favorite 1995 Simpson characters to find out where they are now.

Marcia Clark (The Prosecution)

In Hollywood, it’s all about failing up. For Clark, the Simpson debacle should have been the end of her career. But what’s bad for your legal career is good for your television career. Sort of. Aside from her sweet book deal, Clark is now a special correspondent for Entertainment Tonight .

Here’s what she had to say when she heard of Simpson’s conviction: “I was surprised by the verdict. [Simpson] has been getting away with it, so to speak, for a long time.”

Getting away with it? Umm. Wasn’t it your job to make sure that he didn’t get away with, Marcia?


Christopher Darden (The Prosecution)

Darden took a beating during the trial from cable news pundits. After the trial, he authored two books, In Contempt (his account of the Simpson trial) and The Trials of Nikki Hill (a fictional legal thriller). Darden now works in private practice at his own firm, Darden & Associates. According to MetNews, Darden was said to be in consideration in 2007 for appointment as a Los Angeles Superior Court judge. Maybe he can get some tips from Lance Ito.


Robert Kardashian (The Defense & Garment Bag-Toting Friend)

Kardashian was more of a volunteer/mascot than an attorney for Simpson, having reactivated his license for the trial. But the case, and its aftermath, put a strain on their longtime friendship. After the trial, Kardashian reportedly expressed doubt about Simpson’s innocence, but the two are said have settled their differences before Kardashian passed away in 2003. “Bob was there when I needed him most,” Simpson told CNN after Kardashian died at the age of 59.

But Robert’s death didn’t end Simpson’s connection to the Kardashians. His sizably posterior-ed daughter Kim, who is OJ’s goddaughter, made a porno with rapper Ray-J (Brandy’s little brother—duh!) and then fell in love with OJ’s non-murderous doppelganger: Former USC running back and current NFL-er Reggie Bush.

Like OJ, Kim is also a TV star, having parlayed her party girl lifestyle into an “acting career” and E! reality television show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. According to the Los Angeles Times, OJ still keeps tabs on Kim. Best godfather. Ever.


Robert Shapiro (The Defense)

Not everyone can afford a “Dream Team,” which is why Shapiro co-founded LegalZoom, a self-service legal documents company. Shapiro also has an online shoe company called ShoeDazzle.com (think Netflix, except you keep the $39 CFM shoes). The business is a joint venture with none other than Kim Kardashian. Honest.  Bruno Maglis not available.  Hmm.


F. Lee Bailey (The Defense)

Best known as the “Dream Team” lawyer who pulverized LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman on cross, Bailey made a career out of representing high-profile clients. But Bailey lost his license in 2001 when the Florida Supreme Court ordered that he be disbarred after an unusual criminal case that resulted in Bailey refusing to relinquish $5 million in stock he had agreed to hold for his client. A year later, Bailey lost his license in Massachusetts as well. A 2005 appeal to reinstate his license was denied. He is now the Chairman and CEO of IMPAC, a consultancy focused on increasing business productivity. (Yeah, it seemed a little random to us, too.) Former client, convicted felon and blue-ribbon bulldog momma , Patty Hearst, had no comment.


Barry Scheck (The Defense)

Barry Scheck is still, well,…Barry Scheck; fighting the good fight when he’s not helping guys like OJ get acquitted. But The Innocence Project, which he co-founded with fellow law professor Peter Neufeld, will get some attention soon. Hilary Swank is reportedly making a movie about Betty Anne Waters, a single mom who worked her way through law school in order to overturn her bother’s wrongful conviction with the help of Scheck’s Innocence Project. There’s no word on who will play Scheck, but we’re officially submitting Living the Dream’s John T. Woods for your consideration.


Johnnie Cochran (The Defense)

Best known as “Mr. Johnnie” by those who watched every minute of the OJ case, Cochran died in 2005 at the age of 67.  Several years before his death, Cochran published a memoir titled A Lawyer’s Life.  In the book, he wrote: “It was the Simpson case that put me squarely in a position to make a difference. And that was precisely the reason I became an attorney.” Just goes to show that making a difference isn’t always a good thing.”


Lance Ito (The Judge)

Believe it or not, Lance Ito is still a Los Angeles Superior Court judge (Courtroom 110).  Too bad, we were hoping he’d get a gig on The People’s Court. Then again, those high-powered TV litigants might make it hard for Ito to wrap things up in thirty minutes.


Mark Fuhrman (The “Bloody Glove” Detective)

Despite pleading no contest to perjury charges filed in connection to his testimony in the Simpson case, Fuhrman has managed to somewhat rehabilitate his image. He’s done stints as a conservative radio host, helped shed light on several high profile murders (including the Martha Moxley case) and authored six books, all without using the n-word.


Kato Kaelin (The Houseboy)

Kaelin is right where you’d expect him to be—trying to stretch his OJ fame past his 16th minute and into reality television stardom.  And it’s not going well. Maybe he should pitch Mark Burnett. The Accessory, anyone?

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    good piece.  i actually was wondering the other day what happened to all these people.  thanks.

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      You’ve got to be kidding me-it’s so trsanpearntly clear now!

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  • A Voice of Sanity

    <i>”… no man has … made such a mockery of California courts than Orenthal James Simpson”. </i>
    He merely offered a vigorous defense. It was the LAPD who utterly destroyed this case with mind numbing incompetence. When ‘trained’ police officers and technicians can’t do their jobs in a remotely competent way it is not the fault of the defendant.
    What sort of legal ‘system’ relies on the defendant always admitting his crime—or being too poor to mount even a modest defense?

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    This one is for voice of reason.
    Lighten up, Frances.

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    well these lawyers worked their butt to get him aquitted and hes back in jail ironic!!!!

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