Other Ways We Can Help Waste a Billable Hour

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It’s been about eight months since we restarted Bitter Lawyer. We’re doing well, increasing readership, adding new videos, comics, and posts. But for those new to us through our most recent ventures—like the document review comedy series the Bottom Rung or the video deposition series of Clients Gone Wild—here’s where else you can find us in the world. Hope to see you around, wherever you decide to find and join us.

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  • Guano Dubango

    Congratulations on starting this web sight. Now get with more of the videos of the cute fertile blonde. Enough with these other dooshes! As long as I am wasting billable time reading this, I want to show my Aunt Ooona a video of the blonde before I ask the blonde to accompany me back to Accra to gain Aunt Ooona’s approval of her for marriage and family.

  • evil lawyer

    agree with guano: more of the blonde.