Pigs and Pot Go Together Like Pot and Pigs

According to Reuters, the legalization of marijuana in Washington State has created an issue for farmers: what to do with the plant byproducts of cultivation such as stems, roots, and leaves. According to the article, the rules state “that marijuana plant waste must be ‘rendered unusable prior to leaving a licensed producer or processor’s facility.'” So what creative solution could these farmers come up with?

Pigs may be the answer. A group is experimenting with mixing the plant excess into animal feed which is allowed under the new rules. Apparently, this has led the pigs that were given the marijuana feed to eat more and gain more weight. Therefore, they were worth more money when they were sold at auction.

Hopefully this will spark new interest in legalization in those more conservative, livestock-farming states. Money could pacify marijuana opponents even more than the product would itself. The economics of it are phenomenal for the farmers. They receive a cheaper animal feed. That feed grows more valuable animals. Those animals are turned into savory treats that are consumed by the growing market of hungry marijuana users which drives up demand.

With this new revelation, it would almost be more surprising if Texas did not legalize marijuana. Even if it takes more convincing, maybe after they see that these farm animals aren’t out committing crimes when they’re high, folks may start to soften their stances against legalization.

Of course, the math might not work out. These theoretical calculations don’t take into account the added expense of getting cable for the barn so the animals can watch Robot Chicken, or the loss of livestock that go off to follow Phish and really find themselves. At the very least, it will make life in the barn a little more profound.

(photo: Pig from Shutterstock)