Police Catch Their Man . . . or Woman?

Let’s play a game: Male or Female?

Florida police arrested this individual after a reported bank fraud. The individual had handed a deactivated debit card and bad check to a teller, but sped away when it became apparent that the scam was not going to work. The driver was the . . . individual to the right.

Vigo the Carpathian? Yeesh. Even It’s Pat would be like, ehh, I’m not sure. Apparently it is 47-year-old Brenda Ann Caddell, a grandmother imprisoned 11 times since 1998. There was a slight delay in the arrest since the bank teller’s description was a “possible male, thin build, 30-40 years of age and wearing a dark, curly wig.” I’m still not convinced that is a woman. She is the Ray Finkle/Lieutenant Einhorn of bank robbers. Somebody check her for hemorrhoids.

  • Lee

    I usually turn to your page for a light laugh that’s not at another’s expense…. But today, others are enjoying a laugh and it’s at the expense of people like me. Not criminals, but ambiguously gendered people… I’d like to point out it’s not criminal to be ambiguously gendered and that there are even practicing attorneys who are. I found this to be in incredibly poor taste and devaluing to the personhood of some of your colleagues.

  • Francis

    I agree with Lee. Just because a person may be one ambiguous gender does not mean they need to get trussed up like a Thanksgiving day drag queen to make their gender known. My gender is irrelevant to anyone but me and my significant other–and my parents when I was in school. So mind your Ps and Qs and stop looking at my crotch. It will never tell.

  • Louis

    Of course it’s a woman! Get with it! Have you been to a law school lately? Probably not. If you did, you would know that this broad would be rated between 6.5-7.5 on the law school broad’s 10 scale.