Video Proves Police Officer Needs to Brush Up on Math

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A video of a public intoxication stop is making the rounds on YouTube. The officer gave a portable breath test, and the result was a BAC of .018. After showing the “suspect” that he was twice the legal limit, the young man pointed out that .018 is actually less than .08. Twice the legal limit would actually be .16.

The “suspect” then pointed out that he was a physics student and would obviously know that. Of course, a second grader would also know that. Apparently, the civil service exam was extra easy the year this officer scribbled out how many apples you have if you take two away.

Read on to check out the video.

The best part of the entire situation is that the police officer berates the kid with sarcastic comments like “listen genius” and “what’s 8 + 8.” He even drops a few f bombs when informing the kid that he is clearly lying about only having two beers. And the officer taunts the student. He tells the him that his “lies” are being recorded. Although it’s likely that tape will get recorded over before formal discovery. Luckily for us Heisenberg isn’t involved here, so no matter how close we look this cop is still making an ass of himself.

It is not clear as to whether there was a citation written. But even if the kid did take the officer’s advice and told the judge of the clear error in basic math, in all likelihood the officer probably argued that “decimal points are for pussies, anyway.”

Updated May 12, 10:31 p.m. to reflect that this was a stop for public intoxication and not DUI.

(photo: Sobriety and drunk driving checkpoint from Shutterstock)

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  • Jay D Kaputski

    What is one jackass plus one jackass? Two jackasses. That’s what both of these guys are. One is arithmetically challenged and the other has inferiority complex like it takes a physics major to know .08 plus .08 equals 0.16.

  • no

    It said .008 you dumbass

  • lol cops are retarded

    The kid updated with more information on Reddit

    “I am leaving a house party when a fight breaks out and a random 250lb guy hits me in the face. I did not hit back. About 6 cop cars responded to the scene of the fight which I was not involved in. The man that hit me ran away once the cops arrived. Keep in mind that I was just an innocent bystander watching the fight from about 10 feet away. The officer was hesitant to take a police report probably because he was too lazy to file all the paper work. I think he used the breathalyzer as a scare tactic to get me to not file a report. He threatens to cite me for public intoxication and then tells me that I blew double the legal limit on the breathalyzer then proceeds to put his breathalyzer away. I only had two beers at this point so I request that he shows me the reading on the breathalyzer. He is not able to pull up the reading so I call BS and tell him to redo the test. He claims double the legal limit on the second try and I read the screen to see a .016. I tell him that .08 is the legal limit and .16 would be double that not .016. Officer obviously does not know his basic arithmetic! He then continues with questions about the man that hit me during the fight. After all is said and done he gives me the option of letting me go if I decide not to file a police report. Seems to me like the lazy officer scared me into not filing a police report with threats of citing me for public intoxication when I was clearly below the limit. For the record this is a wonderful officer from the LAPD.”

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