Preppie Douchebag

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Just in case you thought Robert Chambers, the so-called Preppie Killer who served fifteen years for strangling a teenage girl in Central Park during what he said was “rough sex” back in 1986, couldn’t be a bigger loser, you should think again. The convicted murderer is heading back to prison, this time for dealing drugs out of his apartment and assaulting a cop.

This isn’t the first time since his initial 1988 manslaughter conviction that Chambers caught the attention of the police. Within a year of his 2003 release—after serving the maximum sentence “because of discipline problems behind bars, including dealing drugs”—Chambers was arrested for heroin possession and unlicensed driving.  He was then arrested again in 2007, and pleaded guilty yesterday, to charges of dealing cocaine out of his Manhattan apartment—charges which are expected to carry a nineteen-year sentence.

Some guys never let you down.  [MSNBC]

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