Prison Break-In

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Matthew Matagrano, 36, may serve 10 years in prison after repeatedly trying to sneak into jails because the inmates where “nice.” The Manhattan man is accused of sneaking into jails in four boroughs because they gave him food and made him feel important. According to police, Matagrano, who formerly served time in Rikers Island, would dress up as a Department of Corrections investigator. He would spend his time trading cigarettes with inmates and smoking with them in a common area.

Best. Client. Ever. Well other than he is a registered sex offender and has multiple mental health issues. But other than that, this guy would be the best client ever. Even if you lose, in his eyes you win. Let’s say that the prosecutors throw the entire book at him and he has to serve 10 years in the clink – that is exactly what this guy wants to do. He already spends his free time at Rikers but now he won’t have to leave at 11 pm when it is lights out. He is like Brooks in Shawshank except Brooks was a cute old man with a bird fascination and Matagrano looks like Farva from Super Troopers and probably likes to get pokied in the pokie.

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