Prostitution? No way!

The aspiring model girlfriend of a rags-to-riches Park Avenue doorman who once worked as a “greeter” at a Manhattan club busted last week for being a brothel is now insisting to the media that she never, ever knew the club was actually selling sex. The name of this club that citizens coast-to-coast were shocked to learn was carrying on a little prostitution behind closed doors? Big Daddy Lou’s Hot Lap Dance Club on West 38th Street.

The former greeter, Sabina Mari Johansson, who worked at the club just weeks before it was raided, claims she “had no idea what was going on behind the scenes,” and only “learned about it when it hit the papers.” She reiterates that her job duties were limited to “greeting customers and helping dancers,” but did not—repeat, not—involve anything that could be construed as shady or hooker-ish. “I do fashion,” she clarified. “I do fitness. I do bikinis. I don’t do nude.”

Johansson’s reps have not commented on what, if any, new employment the fashion-fitness expert has secured since leaving Big Daddy Lou’s, but they have confirmed that she did recently turn down a receptionist position at Nasty Sam’s All-Nude Hooker Shack on 12th Ave, suspecting that the business was not, in fact, the high-fashion fitness spa that it claimed to be in its ad on Craigslist. [NY Post]