RadioShack Should Change Its Name to "PornShack"

Marcia Jones and her 13-year-old daughter recently purchased new HTC Evo 4G phones loaded with the latest technology, cool apps and, oh yeah, a bunch of hardcore pornography. The Georgia mother thought she was purchasing two new phones from the local RadioShack only to find out one of them was a refurbished model, filled with adult images. The X-rated images have caused her daughter to seek counseling. Although RadioShack has offered to exchange the phones, Jones is suing both the store and Sprint, the company who licensed the phone.

Well this is really a shock. RadioShack is still in business? How is that possible? Really crazy. What do they sell there: Car phones and VCRs? Marcia Jones should just be happy they had the HTC Evo 4G there and not the Zach Morris model. Why does a 13-year-old kid need a cell phone anyway? The only electronics store she should be purchasing anything from is the Electronic Boutique in Mall Madness. Kids these days are so spoiled. Maybe she should have just bought her 13-year-old a Nokia 5110 like I had when I was younger. No pictures, no internet, no Facebook, no Twitter, just Snake. The greatest phone game of all time. That phone was the bee’s knees and it doesn’t come with trips to the shrink and the courtroom.

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  • Michelle Beth

    A JD in from Ohio Northern University (sub TTT) and BA from Ohio University (not anywhere near civilization). Figures.

    • Jerry

      Is this dame with a name elite? And she went where, to Harvard? Unlikely, man. This is one mighty bitter lawyer! Let’s see if we can recruit a guy for her. Men? Volunteers?

    • The Dean

      This woman is clueless about life and what it takes to succeed in the practice of law. People select what law school they attend for reasons other than rankings. I know plenty of attorneys who went to second and third tier schools because they received full rides and then graduated top of their classes. I’m betting they’ve kicked her ass on numerous occasions.

      • Michelle Beth

        Sorry the truth sometimes hurts.

        On second thought, I should rest my case. it’s not adviseable to argue with bunch of borderline mentally unstable misogynists, especially when they appear to be off their meds. They are easily agitated and are prone to get violent.

        • Michelle Beth

          And just for the record, I could have gone to Yale but I went to Thomas M. Cooley instead because it is only second to Harvard. I was hired by biglaw but I opened my solo in some flyover country instead because I like to be an entrepreneur.

          Yeah right !!!

          • Louis

            She “could have” gone to Yale but went to Thomas Cooley law? She sounds like she made a carefully considered decision in this economy, as I suppose alot of lawyers do prefer hire Cooley grads rather then those guys at Yale. I wonder how many men have lined up to propose marriage to this woman?

  • J.R.

    Ouch. That comment makes me think real hard about which law school I decide to go.

  • Sean Patterson

    Gosh, I sure miss snake. Anyone know if I can get it on the iPhone?