“Raising the Bar” Goes for Two

“Seriously, it is hard to take the show very seriously.” —The Washington Post

“It ends up as pretty middle-of-the-road TV fare.” —Zap2It

“Nothing in it argues that it needed to be made other than to give the people who made it something to do.” —Los Angeles Times

And most importantly:

“The legal and romantic plot turns feel obvious and conventional.” —Bitter Lawyer

What’s all of this a recipe for in TV land?  A second season!

Starry casts, previous success and lukewarm reviews are the keys to holding on in Hollywood.  And after airing only three episodes, TNT predicts that audiences will want to see an additional 15 hours of lawyers doing what lawyers do best—traversing the courthouse halls with floppy hair, sulking, giving idealistic speeches, weighing the merits.

No word on when the new season will officially start airing, but in the mean time, we’ll just be here waiting for the episode where the young attorneys miss an important court appearance because they’re too busy reading Bitter Lawyer.  Is that too meta to ask for?  [The Hollywood Reporter]